About Fit Crew

Operating since 2010, Fit Crew is the collaborative effort of Niels Renzenbrink and Andrew Terman.  As the largest non-commercial gym in Bradenton, Fit Crew has always been on the cutting edge of fitness yet stayed firmly rooted in the basic principles of strength and conditioning. Enthusiasm, extensive physical training experience, creativity and the ability to meet individual client needs have set Fit Crew apart in a sea of “box gyms”.

Fit Crew boasts professional athletes, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, judges, housewives, physicians and many others among its members.  Members come to Fit Crew to be challenged both physically and mentally, to build friendships, and to forget about whatever troubles they might have outside the gym for that one precious hour.  Whether your goal be strength building, endurance/physical fitness or better performance on the tennis court, field or green, Fit Crew is for everyone from the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. Interested in seeing if Fit Crew is right for you? The first group class you try is always free- get started here.