Workplace Wellness & Team Sports Programs

Workplace Wellness

Fit Crew can provide health and fitness education to employees while coaching them through individualized fitness programs.  Researchers largely agree that workplace wellness programs are linked to greater productivity, less absenteeism, and a reduction in long-term health care costs.  Either at Fit Crew’s well equipped facility or in the workplace, Fit Crew Workplace Wellness programs help combat workplace stress while fostering teamwork among employees.

Fit Crew had the privilege of working with employees of Champs Sports in Bradenton and the Bradenton Police Department SWAT Team.


Team Sport Programs

Sport specific, individualized training programs geared towards readying athletes for competition is just another service offered at Fit Crew.  We have had the pleasure of working with the St. Stephens Episcopal School track team, Inspiration Academy basketball team, Manatee High School rowing Team and the Southeast High School wrestling team.

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